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Update:   April 9, 2020 - After careful consideration, University leadership decided to continue the current policy allowing parking permit holders to cancel their permits at any time. However, permit holders who choose to cancel will lose their guaranteed spot, and will be placed on the waiting list if they choose to purchase a parking permit at a later date. This process is consistent with past practice.  Contact our office to request a permit cancellation.

Academic Year 20/21 IMPORTANT Information:

Monthly permit rates for Academic Year 20/21 can be downloaded, viewed, or printed as a PDF file.  These rates will be effective for the parking year August 31, 2020 - August 31, 2021.  Students should expect to pay for the full Academic year (9 months, August 31, 2020 - May 31, 2021).  Students will calculate their monthly rate times nine for the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE UPON PERMIT ACCEPTANCE.


  1. Student permits do NOT roll over.  Students sign up for the waiting list during the waiting list period, *dates to be announced*, for AY20/21 (INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE POSTED PRIOR TO THE WAITING LIST PERIOD - ON THIS PAGE)
    1. Student permit areas are the following ONLY: 4700 Fifth Avenue, East Campus garage, Greek Quad, and the Second Avenue (PTC) parking garage (ETC students ONLY)
    2. Contact our office if you are a student and have additional permit questions
  2. Faculty and staff permits ROLL OVER into your current permit location.  Faculty and staff OPT OUT (cancel your permit) *dates to be announced*
  3. Faculty and staff waiting list period is *dates to be announced* 
  4. You can access your parking account anytime by logging in with your ANDREW ID.

Parking Permit Forms & Policies

Did you know ...

If you have a current permit at CMU, you can update your vehicle information online!

You can log in with your CMU ANDREW ID any time to view your current permits, vehicles on your account and current parking account balance.  If you make vehicle changes, P&TS office staff will review and approve!  Your changes will be updated, and you would see the vehicle changes on your account.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Parking Application Form (PDF) for Current Faculty, Staff and CMU Students

Please complete this form and submit to P&TS by email, or stop by our office in the East Campus Garage.  Our office hours are M-F, 8 AM  - 4:30 PM.

Non-CMU Affiliate (Sponsored Employee) Application (This application is for CMU affiliates who are sponsored employees of the University.  If you are not receiving compensation directly from CMU, you would complete this form.

Carpool Application (PDF)

Current faculty, staff, and students who have an active permit should complete this form if they share a ride or carpool with other members of the campus community.  Once the form is completed, please email or stop in our office in the East Campus Garage, and the carpool leader (permit holder) will receive a discount of $10 beginning with their next payroll deduction.  Applications will be sent to current carpool members to complete each academic year. ** Students will receive the discount when they purchase the permit**

Three times in a permit year (September through August), carpool members are permitted to drive to work on their own.  You will receive validated parking in the East Campus Garage for these three times that the carpool members are arriving to campus on the same day, regardless of the original carpool leader's permit location.  You will receive a punch card to be presented when you receive validated parking.

The University’s Parking Regulations, Policies and Procedures (pdf) apply to all vehicles operated on University property. The University is not responsible for loss or damage incurred to vehicles or the contents in the vehicles using University facilities or operated on University property. The Parking & Transportation Services office issues permits only to members of the University community, subject to the conditions that permit holders abide by the Policies and agree to pay the fees charged for parking permits and all costs or penalties associated with violations of the Regulations. Monies that are owed to Parking & Transportation Services must be paid before an application will be included in the permit assignment process. The Policies define specific violations and explain the University’s enforcement practices; including ticketing and imposition of fines, payment and appeal procedures and, where necessary, immobilization or external enforcement (i.e. towing). Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to ticket and tow any vehicle located on University property if that vehicle does not display a valid parking hang tag.

New Employee or Student

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon University!  In this section you will be able to navigate to documents and literature to either view online or print for your reference.  Continue to the next slide to explore further information regarding parking or commuting to work or school!



Begin by viewing our list of services.   We also have electric scooters for CMU affiliates to borrow who may have permanent or temporary mobility issues.  Email our office or stop in if you are in a need for an electric scooter to get around campus!

Other services that you may utilize with a valid CMU ID are the Shuttle & Escort Service and Port Authority of Allegheny County.   CMU Shuttle & Escort Services brochure can be viewed or printed.

You may also park as a per-day-paying customer to any of our four campus garages.  The rates and directions to the garages are listed on this brochure (PDF).



All current faculty, staff, students or visitors are encouraged to subscribe to our email subscription service.  You will receive important information about garage updates, events, or construction projects that may affect your daily commute.

AY20/21 parking permit rates can be downloaded or viewed as a PDF file.  The rates are per month, and are for CMU Affiliates only.  Students pay for both semesters of parking when the permit is acquired (i.e. multiply the monthly rate by 9 months for a student permit Sept. 1 - May 31).

We have waiting lists for all permits at this time.  Please visit our FAQ page for further information.  The first step to apply for parking is to submit a parking application to our office.  Please take the time to explore all parking options in this section, as well as our general information section.

Explore CMU's map to find the parking location that you would be interested in joining the waiting list.

(updated:  March, 2020)


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