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Transportation OPTIONS

Parking & Transportation Services is pleased to announce the addition of Parking & Transportation Services OPTIONS. The OPTIONS plan is just another avenue of information for the Carnegie Mellon community to find alternative ways to travel to campus. It is your choice about the way you commute to campus, but we would like to offer you a few other options –biking, busing, carpooling, shuttle/escort service, vanpooling or walking.


Do you remember how fun riding your bike was as a kid? You can still receive the same rush, but only now we’re grown up and going to campus for work and class. Biking is a joyride for your mind and body—the perfect infusion of fun and healthy energy to get you where you need to be. Tune up your body and your budget every day –

We have bike racks available throughout the campus for bike storage. If your bike is not registered you may register for free with the Campus Police Department located in 300 S. Craig Street. 


FREE - Carnegie Mellon and Port Authority Transit (PAT) have an agreement under which benefits-eligible faculty, staff and students may ride any PAT vehicle, for either business or personal travel, without charge. Use of this option by the Carnegie Mellon community has increased tremendously since the program was introduced in the late 90’s. The rider will be required to tap their valid CMU SMART Card on the PAT card reader to gain access. Please visit The HUB’s ID Card Services website for more details. This OPTION is convenient and less stressful than driving. Sound good? Get on the bus and rest your mind. Maps and schedules to help you plan your best route are available at the Port Authority website. Paper copies of schedules are also available in the University Center, and on the buses. No worries — just time and space to enjoy your journey.


Your car and wallet will thank you because you will be cutting down on fuel, maintenance and repair bills by leaving your car at home occasionally. So, sit back and chat with your new carpool buddies. Have some coffee. Do a crossword, read the paper, and relax and enjoy the ride. For further information, please contact Commute Information at 1-888-819.6100 –


Instead of owning two cars, consider giving one of them up and joining a national car-sharing program. A second car will be available when needed through your car-sharing membership. You pay a fee to maintain your membership, and then pay-as-you-drive for use of a car shared with others in your community. More and more people are joining this money-saving, convenient program. Does it really make sense to be paying for two cars full-time? Think smart and call the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership for more information at 412-325-0158.


With the rising cost of gas, are you and your family ready to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle? If the answer is yes, then visit the Carnegie Mellon Procurement Services website for more information on the GM Supplier Discount program.


Carnegie Mellon University Police operate a Shuttle/Escort service on campus. The Shuttle Service operates five routes throughout the year, North Oakland/Lower Shadyside, Upper Shadyside, North Oakland/Shadyside, Bakery Square, and the Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC).   The Escort Service operates during the academic year only. For general information and inquiries call University Police at 412-268-6232.


For those employees commuting from outlying communities, this is a perfect OPTION for making better use of your precious time. At a small cost, you can enjoy the leisure of new free time while someone else gets you to campus on time. No more daily wear-and-tear on your car. Now you can read the morning paper, catch up on or prepare for the day’s work, or grab a few extra minutes of rest. This option is also available by calling 1-888-819.6110 -

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