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December 01, 2017

We Can Help You "Scoot Around" Campus

By Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter
  • Director, Parking & Transportation Services

Are you having trouble getting around campus due to recent or ongoing mobility problems?  If the answer is yes, Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) has a solution for you.  In September 2017, P&TS began a pilot program by acquiring three electric scooters to assist faculty, staff and students in maneuvering around campus without the hassle of worrying about parking within close proximity to their buildings. 

The standard electric scooters are the perfect way to get around freely and easily.  We have two 4-wheel scooters, and one 3-wheel scooter available to borrow free of charge.  With adjustable seats, lifting armrests and a tiller that tilts back and forth, getting in and out of the scooter is easy and comfortable.

The acquisition of these electric scooters has proven to be a success over the past three months.  P&TS has received the following testimonies:

Pouria Pezeshkian (pictured above), a Master's Degree student with the Information Networking Institute recently had an unexpected leg injury.  Pouria was able to borrow one of our scooters every day for his classes and said, "It's one thing to have to worry about the work commitment required by classes; it's another to worry about the walk to those classes.  I find myself lucky to have run into the parking representatives at CMU who notified me about the scooter program. Besides the wonderful grace that these representatives showed me, the scooter program alleviated my worries and solved a big problem."

“The scooter program has allowed me to continue to work without interruption.  I would not have been able to get to the four buildings in which I teach without the scooter as my means of transportation.  Julie and the other office workers are completely helpful, friendly and generous in the way they deliver the scooters each morning.  The parking garage attendants, specifically Jerry and Tom, go above and beyond to be helpful.  I understand this is a new program, and without it, my work would have been impossible this semester,” says faculty member, Thomas Douglas.

Mary Anne Hunter, a CMU Staff member, has been borrowing a P&TS electric scooter for a few months and has stated, "The scooter has been absolutely wonderful and a godsend to me, and I am now able to get across campus to attend meetings and events that otherwise I would not be able to attend.  I love the scooter program, and I think it is extremely beneficial and even a necessity to have the scooters.”

If you would like more information on borrowing an electric scooter from P&TS, please contact Michelle Porter.