Carnegie Mellon University

The University’s Parking Regulations, Policies and Procedures (PDF) apply to all vehicles operated on University property. The University is not responsible for loss or damage incurred to vehicles or the contents in the vehicles using University facilities or operated on University property. The Parking & Transportation Office issues permits only to members of the University community, subject to the conditions that permit holders abide by the Policies and agree to pay the fees charged for parking permits and all costs or penalties associated with violations of the Regulations. Monies that are owed to Parking & Transportation must be paid before an application will be included in the allocation process. The Policies define specific violations and explain the University’s enforcement practices, including ticketing and imposition of fines, payment and appeal procedures and, where necessary, immobilization or external enforcement (i.e. towing). Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to ticket and tow any vehicle located on University property if that vehicle does not display a valid parking permit.