Carnegie Mellon University

Parking Violation Enforcement

This section explains the university's enforcement policies, including ticketing and fines and, if necessary, immobilization or external enforcement (i.e. towing). Copies of these enforcement policies are available in the Parking Services Office.

Internal Enforcement

  1. Fines and Penalties
    1. Hazard violations are subject to a $75 fine, or higher and vehicle towing.
    2. Meter violations are subject to a $30 fine and immobilization for repeated or unpaid fines.
    3. General violations and East Campus Garage violations are subject to a $40 fine and, if needed to ensure enforcement, immobilization.
    4. Disabled/Handicapped violations are subject to a $200 flat fee and vehicle towing. Due to the severity of this violation, this fine will not be reduced and is non-appealable.
    5. Violations adversely affecting  parking service and the university are subject to a minimum $100 fine, payment for property loss or damage, loss of parking privileges, disciplinary action, legal action and other measures as decided by the university.
    6. Fire Lane violations are subject to a $100 fine and vehicle towing.
  2. Vehicle Immobilization
    1. Immobilized vehicles will not be released until all fines and boot fees (immobilization fees) have been paid.
    2. The boot fee for the first immobilization is $100. Boot fees increase by $50 increments with each immobilization. Fines and fees may be deducted from a Student Account, with authorization from the Hub. Parking Services accepts  MasterCard/Visa and cash as methods of payment.  No checks will be accepted for immobilized vehicles.
    3. A vehicle will be immobilized upon receiving a fourth citation (regardless of the 5 days to pay the reduced amount) unless the owner is in the appeal process.
    4. After the first immobilization, a second immobilization could result in towing of your vehicle within 30 days. If your vehicle is immobilized more than three times in 12 months it will be towed at the owner’s expense.  After the second offense, the vehicle will be towed.
    5. Each day a vehicle is immobilized, it will receive a violation. After three days, the vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.
    6. Once a vehicle is immobilized, tickets cannot be appealed.
    7. Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces will be towed.
  3. Vehicle Towing
    The towing of a vehicle may occur when the following circumstances occur
    1. The vehicle is parked in violation of posted signs
    2. The vehicle is blocking a fire lane or hydrant
    3. The vehicle is blocking a roadway, drive or loading dock
    4. The vehicle is creating a real or potential safety hazard
    5. The vehicle has unpaid parking citations
    6. The vehicle is using a revoked, altered, expired or stolen parking permit
    7. Repeat Offenders

A vehicle may also be towed when it is parked in a usually unrestricted area however signs have been posted in advance which limits or prohibits parking in the area. It is the driver's responsibility to obey the signage.  If your vehicle is towed, please call Craig’s Towing at (412) 681-7007.  Additional fees may be incurred and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

External Enforcement

The university prefers to control parking violations by internal means. However, repeated violations, hazard violations and non-permit violators may be handled as outlined in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code:

  • Section 3353 B: No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle on private property without the consent of the owner or other person in control or possession of the property, except in the case of emergency or disablement of the vehicle, in which case the operator shall notify the Parking Services Office and arrange for the removal of the vehicle as soon as possible. When the Parking Services Office is closed (after 5 p.m. on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays), please notify P&TS Parking Security Officers at (412) 216-2054.
  • Section 3353 C: Property owner may remove vehicle. The owner or other person in charge or possession of any property on which a vehicle is parked or left unattended in violation of the provisions of subsection B shall have a lien against the owner of the vehicle in the amount of the reasonable value of the cost of moving the vehicle.