Carnegie Mellon University

Parking Violation Definitions

This section defines parking violations, which includes hazard violations, meter violations and general violations. Copies of these violation definitions are available in the Parking & Transportation Services Office.

Hazard Violation Definitions

  • Parking in a loading zone
    Only authorized vehicles can actively load and unload in loading zones.
  • Parking overtime in a timed area
    Authorized vehicles may occupy loading zones a maximum of fifteen minutes. Vehicles may temporarily occupy loading zones in ungated permit parking areas for a maximum of fifteen minutes. This is intended for contractors, faculty, staff and students who need to load or unload heavy equipment, projects, or packages.
  • Failure to display hazard (flashing) lights while in a loading zone
    Vehicles must have hazard lights on while loading and unloading.
  • Driving on campus grounds or walkways
    Only vehicles with special permission from the University Police or Facilities Management are authorized to drive on campus grounds or walkways. Vehicles without special permission are not permitted to drive on campus grounds even if the gate poles are in the down position.
  • Driving in excess of campus speed limit or in a manner likely to endanger life or property
    The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour and 10 miles an hour in all garages.
  • Parking motorcycles or vehicles in buildings or at bike racks
    Motorcycles are characterized as anything that uses gasoline.
  • Parking in driveways / yellow curbs
  • Parking vehicles in an unsafe manner
    Vehicles parked on a grade should have the emergency brake set. Keys should never be left in the ignition of a parked vehicle.  In the event your vehicle causes unsafe conditions, a ticket will be issued.

Meter Violations

  • Failure to pay the meter fees.
    There is no grace time allocated on expired meters. If meters are not working properly, please report it to the Parking & Transportation Services Office.  A broken meter does not designate "free parking"; if you are parked at a broken meter, a ticket can be issued. 

 General Violations

  • Parking in a lot other than the one designated by permit
    The only exceptions to this violation are:
    1. employees with off-campus permits who may park in the East Campus Garage, Dithridge Street Garage or at 6555 Penn Avenue (see Policies: Off-Campus Employee Parking); CFA for Board of Trustees.
    2. permit holders complying with procedures during a snow emergency (see Policies: Snow Emergency).
  • Improper parking and failure to park within lines
    Improper parking includes parking compact vehicles in full-size spaces when compact spaces are available and parking full-size vehicles in designated compact spaces.
  • Parking without proper display of permit
    Parking Services requires all permit holders to display the permit hang tag on the rearview mirror of the vehicle.  There will be a one-time grace given for permit holders not displaying their hang tags.  After the one-time grace, a ticket for non display of permit will be issued.
  • Failure to report campus accidents to University Police
  • Performing non-emergency maintenance on vehicles in Carnegie Mellon parking areas
  • Parking in reserved parking spaces
    Only authorized vehicles may park in reserved spaces, such as the spaces at the University Center, Fraternity and Sorority parking areas. These are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and violators will be towed.
  • Destruction or theft of parking property
    This may be subject to enforcement as parking violations and/or as related.
  • Theft of parking services
    It is a violation to manufacture or alter any parking permit, document or devices that provide eligibility to park on campus. Permits will be confiscated without refund and violators will lose parking privileges. Anyone found using an illegal permit will be prosecuted.
  • It is also a violation for a Permit Holder to use a code at the entrance/exit gates of the East Campus Garage.  You must use your Student ID or purchased Parking Card. 

Transfer of a parking permit is illegal and will result in a fine and the permit will be confiscated and loss of lose parking privileges.

  • Unauthorized removal of an immobilizer
    This may be subject to enforcement as parking violations and/or as related.
  • Parking along the side of yellow curbs
  • Use of improper or fraudulent means to obtain or exercise parking privileges and similar actions
    This may be subject to enforcement as parking violations and/or as related.
Disability/Handicapped Parking Violations
  • Parking in a Disabled space or area
    Vehicles occupying disabled parking spaces must display proper registration such as a hang tag and disabled license plate or a temporary disabled permit. Due to the severity of this violation, the fine for this violation will not be reduced and is non-appealable.

Fire Lane Violations

Parking in marked Fire Lane Areas
There are Fire Lane Areas by Mudge, Roselawn Terrace, Hill Dorms, Hamerschlag Hall, CUC and Mellon Institute

Sub Compact/Compact Vehicles

    • Subcompact vehicles must park in the designated subcompact assigned parking spaces. Any full size vehicle or compact vehicle parking in the subcompact car assigned spaces will be issued a ticket.  For a list of what is considered to be designated as a compact vehicle and subcompact, please visit