Carnegie Mellon University

Parking Violation Definitions

This section defines parking violations, which includes general violations, hazard violations, and meter violations.


General parking violations (PDF) include improper parking, parking in reserved spaces, and failure to report campus accidents to the University Police.
Hazard violations (PDF) include driving on campus grounds or sidewalks without proper authorization, parking in a designated fire lane, driving in excess of campus speed limit.

Meter Violations
There is no grace-time allocated on expired meters. If meters are not working properly, please report it to the Parking & Transportation Services office.  Citations will be issued for expired and non-payment meter violations.

Disability/Handicapped Parking Violations
Vehicles occupying disabled parking spaces must display proper registration such as a hang tag, temporary disabled permit or a State Issued Handicap license plate. Due to the severity of this violation, the fine for this violation will not be reduced and the citation cannot be appealed.