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Carnegie Mellon University - Where Bold Thinkers Do Big Things

Since its founding in 1900, Carnegie Mellon has been a place where visionaries unite to solve the world’s most challenging problems. At CMU, students are just plain different. They’re bold thinkers. Passionate innovators. And resilient changemakers. They ask complex questions. Share forward-thinking ideas. And attack problems with a nuanced scope. Here, students don’t just imagine the future. They create it. 

The School of Computer Science - where fearless innovators find their home

In 1956, computer science researchers from Carnegie Mellon University created the first artificially intelligent computer program, pioneering a new field that would synthesize an amalgam of technologies to create life-changing solutions for the world at large. Since then, CMU has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence research, blending work from multiple disciplines to create robust systems and technologies.

With AI embedded in its culture and a rigorous curriculum at its core, Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science (SCS) is nationally recognized as #1 for artificial intelligence and has been consistently recognized as one of the top computer science schools in the world. SCS students build a better world and design the future they want to see. They foster connections between humans, create better business processes, and optimize the systems that drive our communities. The work is never easy. But computer science students never linger. If an idea fails, they just adapt and begin again.

Collaboration is deeply-rooted in the culture of SCS, so it’s no surprise that multiple departments joined together to build the Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning & Data Science Foundations. As a data science program rooted in computer science, this certificate not only provides foundational skills in computer programming, but in machine learning and data science as well. 

The Language Technologies Institute - where collaborative ideation is the norm

The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) in CMU's School of Computer Science is home to the Online Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning & Data Science Foundations. It’s the ideal place for computer science professionals to develop fundamental skills in computer programming, machine learning, and computational data science. By establishing a foundation in three distinct, yet harmonious, computer science disciplines, professionals can develop the interdisciplinary competencies and the AI/ML technologies needed to solve complex, large scale data problems for their organization. 

LTI faculty produce groundbreaking research in nearly two dozen areas, including: natural language processing, information extraction, knowledge representation, and machine learning. Year after year, they remain at the forefront of their field, trailblazing revolutionary insights that impact everything from politics to healthcare and marketing to education. Since collaboration is at the root of all success in LTI, it’s only natural, then, that several faculty have joint appointments in other SCS departments like Machine Learning, Computer Science, and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. 

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So, why CMU?

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