Transfer Credit-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Transfer Credit

Study abroad courses must be taken for a letter grade, not as pass/fail; however, letter grades received abroad are not factored into a student’s QPA at Carnegie Mellon.  Only the course name and number of units will be transferred.  Transfer credit is awarded upon receipt of an official transcript for courses in which the equivalent of a U.S. “C” or better has been granted with the following exceptions: U.S. equivalent “B-” or better for Tepper courses and U.S. equivalent “B” or better for Economics courses.  Credit can be granted for general education requirements or major/minor requirements, at the discretion of the relevant academic departments.

All study abroad transcripts must be sent directly from the host institution or program provider to the Carnegie Mellon University Registrar’s Office (URO).  When the transcript is received by the URO, a copy is sent to the student’s Associate Dean’s office for distribution.  Academic departments will then assess credit and add the course title and number of units, but not the grade received abroad, to the student’s Carnegie Mellon academic record.  The Office of International Education (OIE) does not receive or retain any copies of study abroad transcripts.

Departments should notify students when transfer credit has been awarded. Students should follow up with their academic advisor(s) to ensure that the transfer process is complete.