Planning & Preparation-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Planning & Preparation

In order to make students’ experiences abroad as happy, healthy and safe as possible, and in order to make their transition back to Carnegie Mellon as seamless as possible, the Office of International Education has instituted several policies that all students must follow in order to study abroad during their time at Carnegie Mellon. These administrative procedures and the procedures laid out by the study abroad program/host institution are a large part of the planning and preparation process.

All students, regardless of the study abroad opportunity chosen must attend a Pre-departure Orientation and submit the required forms in order to be registered for study abroad and receive transfer credit upon return. All students must have adequate Health Insurance coverage during their time abroad and an International Student Identification Card (ISIC). All international travel requires a valid passport and many countries also require a visa.

Students living on-campus and/or students who wish to live on-campus upon return must complete the Housing Form.

There are also procedures specific to International Students and Students with Disabilities.