Health Insurance-Study Abroad - Carnegie Mellon University

Health Insurance


Carnegie Mellon requires that students have adequate health insurance coverage during the entire study abroad experience. This insurance must cover students door to door for all situations that can occur while abroad, including accident coverage, medevac and repatriation of remains.

Verify Coverage

Students should verify that their current policy will provide the required coverage for the entire abroad experience. Providers commonly consider treatment in foreign countries as “out of network,” which means that patients must pay upfront for medical care and seek reimbursement from the insurance company.

Carnegie Mellon’s Student Health Insurance

Students can purchase Aetna Student Health through Carnegie Mellon’s University Health Services Office.  Plan details can be obtained by visiting:, by contacting University Health Services at x8-2157 or, or by contacting Aetna directly at

Insurance Provided by Study Abroad Programs

Some study abroad packages include health insurance as part of the program fee and some do not. Students should not cancel their current policy if additional insurance is offered.

The International Student Identity Card

Students are also required to purchase the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card also provides supplemental coverage for hospitalization, accident related medical expenses (including medical evacuation), accidental death, and dismemberment while traveling outside the continental U.S. It also offers travel benefits and discounts to students traveling, studying and working abroad. The ISIC card must be purchased in the U.S. to include all discounts. A detailed handbook is included in the purchase price of the ISIC card which explains the benefits in detail. Please note: This insurance does not replace the required health insurance described above. This is a supplemental policy only.

Students can purchase the ISIC card through or STA Travel, online at The cost is $25. Proof of student status is required.

Not Covered?

A variety of companies provide short-term insurance specifically for study abroad students. Carnegie Mellon does not endorse a specific plan.