Contact Information

Aaron M. Johnson

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Courtesy Appointment, Robotics Institute

Courtesy Appointment, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of the Robomechanics Lab

Carnegie Mellon University

Wean Hall 1309

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Mailbox: Wean Hall 4116

Media Inquiries

Lisa Kulick

Robomechanics Lab

Ansys Hall D8

Basement of Ansys - Right across the hall from the elevator.

How to Join

The Robomechanics Lab is always looking for new students. We receive a large number of emails every year and cannot respond to every inquiry. Please read this page carefully if you are interested in working with us:

CMU Undergraduate Students

Please email Prof. Johnson with your resume and one or two sentences about your interests and availability, or chat with one of our current students if you know any. We generally add students at the beginning of the semester but some positions may be open at any time. Summer positions are available first to students who worked in the lab during the school year, so please inquire early (ideally in the fall semester) if you are interested. Also, take a look at the following programs through CMU: SURG, SURF, SURA, RISS, SUIP.

Other Undergraduate Students

We have very few openings for students from other universities. However, please consider applying through the RISS program (where you should indicate your interest in our lab and email Prof. Johnson when you submit your application) or other summer research programs, such as SUIP. Outside of these programs, exceptional students should email Prof. Johnson with a resume and one or two sentences about your interests and availability.

Graduate (MS or PhD) Students

Please do not send your resume, but instead apply through either the Mechanical Engineering department or the Robotics Institute (if you are interested in working with our lab through another department please email Prof. Johnson). When you apply, please indicate your interest in working with Prof. Aaron Johnson on your application. We generally do not meet with or interview over phone/email any prospective graduate students before they have applied and/or been admitted. If you have already been admitted to a Masters program and are interested in working in our lab, please email Prof. Johnson to setup a meeting (preferably at the end of August or early September). Admitted PhD students should email Prof. Johnson if they are interested in working in the lab.

Postdoctoral and Staff positions

We do not currently have any open positions. Exceptional postdoctoral candidates may email Prof. Johnson directly to inquire about upcoming opportunities.