Carnegie Mellon University

Admission to the Information Systems Program

Students are admitted into the Information Systems Program in three ways:

  • Direct admission when applying to Carnegie Mellon;
  • Internal transfer as a current student;
  • Admission as a transfer student to Carnegie Mellon from another institution.

Direct Admission:

Prospective Carnegie Mellon students may choose to apply by checking the box for Information Systems on the University application form. For further details, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Internal Transfer:

Current Carnegie Mellon students who wish to study Information Systems must apply for transfer into the program (since it is not available as a second major or minor). For details regarding transferring into the Information Systems Program, please see the undergraduate catalog and speak with the Information Systems Academic Advisor.

Transfers into Information Systems will always be subject to availability of space in the major. Applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Strong record of academic performance at Carnegie Mellon (minimum QPA of 3.4). We will be running grade reports at the conclusion of the semester in which you apply.
  • Relevance and clarity of personal statement
  • Interview with IS Academic Advisor. Current Dietrich students must also interview with their Academic Advisory Center (AAC) advisor while non-Dietrich students will only be required to meet with the IS Academic Advisor (Mr. DiLisio for sophomore transfer applicants; Ms. Wilson for freshman transfer applicants).
  • Relevance of courses completed to date
  • Completion of 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science with final grade of 'A' or 'B'
Application materials must be submitted no later than the last day of classes of the fall or spring semester. Current Dietrich students will submit materials to the AAC while non-Dietrich students will submit all materials directly to Information Systems in Hamburg Hall 3031. Non-Dietrich students must submit the Dietrich College Internal Transfer application in addition to their IS application.

Applications for internal transfer are reviewed two times per year: at the end of the fall semester with decisions announced by the end of the second week in January, and at the end of spring semester with decisions announced by the end of the second week in June. 

Transfer from Another Institution:

Interested students should follow the Transfer Admission Process through Carnegie Mellon's Office of Undergraduate Admission.