Carnegie Mellon University
When you are ready to apply to professional schools, a central application service can simplify the process by reducing the amount of paperwork and mailing normally required. Here is how a central application service works:

  • Applicants submit ONE application (and application fee)* to the central application service. The information required on this application will vary, depending on the type of professional school. Applicants may need to submit supplementary information, such as official transcripts and letters of recommendation. 
  • The central application service will duplicate and distribute the application information to the participating professional schools indicated by the applicant. They may also obtain and forward the results of applicants' admissions tests (such as the MCAT).
  • Upon receipt of the application material from the central application service, the professional schools will then contact the applicant directly to request any additional materials required. The applicant sends these requested items directly to the school.    
*Central application services eliminate redundancy in applying to multiple schools, and can save you money spent on fees, too. Most, but not all, professional schools subscribe to a central application service.