That's 'FAT'-tastic!

That's 'FAT'-tastic!

Clockwise from top: Anthony Bello, Sam Westenberg, Alex Palatucci

Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Sam Westenberg was trying to check the status of his Carnegie Mellon University admission decision online, and then there it was: "Decision: admit." Weeks of anxiety vanished under waves of relief and elation.

After taking a couple of introductory courses during CMU's summer pre-college program, he was hooked on the idea of attending the university.

"I fell in love with the cool, quirky feel of the campus," Westenberg said. "I loved the program, loved the dedication and enthusiasm of the professors and teaching assistants. I was certain CMU was the school for me."

While Westenberg is planning to major in electrical and computer engineering, he also hopes to do some research in biomechatronics — specifically prostheses. Born with a bone condition that often left him with impaired mobility as a kid, he wants to help others who suffer the same.

Westenberg is one of about 4,800 students this year who received CMU's coveted FAT letter, the official acceptance package signifying admission into the university. Approximately 19,800 students applied.

Anthony Bello, whose brother is a current CMU student and Tartan football player, also was excited to receive the FAT letter from his dream school, where he plans to study economics.

"CMU has such an outstanding reputation," Bello said. "My brother studies mechanical engineering at CMU, and through him I have gotten to see what the school is really about. I like the atmosphere of the campus. People are very friendly."

Alex Palatucci said she poured her heart and soul into the application because she knew that CMU was where she wanted to be.

"I love that the community is so diverse and understands that each student's path should be unique," Palatucci said. "I would like to major in communications design, but I am going to keep an open mind while participating in the program."

Palatucci said she's not sure what the future will bring, but she knows that she wants to make information and technology more accessible.

"For now, I'm just thrilled to be part of CMU!" she said.

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