Carnegie Mellon University

How You Can Support the Richard King Mellon Hall of Sciences

Your support is needed to create this next-generation building that will foster innovation and collaboration at the intersection of science, technology, art and creativity. Learn what your gift can make possible.

Accelerating Cutting-Edge Research

Myriad research labs and project rooms — as well as critical lab prep, work rooms and support spaces — will create a rich environment for breakthroughs in chemistry, biology, computational biology, neuroscience, automation, machine learning and more.

Educating the Next Generation of Science and Computer Science Leaders

Small, medium and large classrooms; teaching labs for various disciplines; and a large learning hall will support foundational and advanced science and computer science courses, as well as be available for campus-wide use.

Advancing Contemporary Art and Discourse

Multiple signature galleries, a workshop and administrative areas will greatly expand and enhance the multidisciplinary creation and community engagement activities of the university's Institute for Contemporary Art Pittsburgh.

Shaping Collaboration and Teamwork

A variety of gathering and work spaces — the "social heart" of the building — will promote collaboration, innovation and discovery. These areas include study nooks, seating areas, lounges and meeting rooms.

Enhancing the Student, Faculty, Staff and Visitor Experience

The grand atrium, the entrance plaza, a rooftop terrace and smaller outdoor spaces and terraces will welcome building occupants and guests as well as offer space for special events.

Supporting Educators and Researchers

Office suites for faculty in biology, chemistry, computational biology, neuroscience, machine learning and language technologies will bring researchers and educators together in proximity to lab and collaboration spaces and spark conversations that lead to ideas, projects and even new fields.