Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome to the Office of Government Relations

Carnegie Mellon's Office of Government Relations acts as an advocate for the university on the federal, state and local levels. This includes monitoring legislation related to higher education, working with legislators and their staffs to influence public policy and helping to increase awareness of the university's research and educational programs. The office serves as the principal liaison and point of contact between the university and all levels of government.

The Office of Government Relations is available to help the campus community in a variety of ways. As the principal liaison between the university and all elected officials, our staff can help you navigate the political process, host elected officials both on and off campus and track legislation.

We regularly take faculty members to Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg, Pa., to brief elected leaders on a variety of issues, and we lend guidance and advice to student groups interested in interacting with the university's political leaders.

If you would like to invite an elected official to campus, get involved in the legislative process or ask a question about the university's involvement in the political process in general, please contact us.