Program Requirements

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Academic Credit

Student consultants who would like to receive course credit will receive 3 units for research and preparation in the Spring 4th mini, and 3 units for reporting and presentations in the Fall 1st mini after their return.

Pre-Departure Requirements
Estimated time commitment: 3 hours per week

Cultural Preparation
During the Spring 3nd mini, there will be a series of workshops introducing the student consultants to the cultural issues of consulting abroad. So as not to conflict with classes, these workshops will be scheduled outside of normal course meeting times. The student consultant will also be responsible for doing background reading on the history and culture of their partner organization’s country.

Technical Preparation
The student consultants will remotely communicate with their community partners to gain as broad an understanding as possible of the contextual issues. The student consultant would then research possible approaches and best practices that would apply to the situation. In this way, the student consultant will be well prepared for when he or she arrives on-site.

Logistical Preparation
There will be several logistical requirements, such as obtaining a passport and visa if needed, an International Student Identification Card (ISIC), immunizations, health insurance or verifying that your insurance will cover you while abroad, and working with program staff on travel arrangements. All student participants must also sign a study abroad contract and student liability waiver at the pre-departure orientation.

Summer Commitments
Estimated time commitment: 40 hours per week

The on-site consulting involves working full time for 10 weeks, generally lasting from late-May until early-August.

Post-Trip Wrap-Up
Estimated time commitment: 3 hours per week

Student must continue to communicate remotely with the partner organization contacts for one month upon their return, to assist with follow-up questions and provide additional technical expertise.

Students must write a final consulting report, describing their experiences, their specific projects, and issues of sustainability, as well as complete an evaluation form of the partnership and the program’s impact on their personal development. You will make a presentations about your experience and assist in recruiting students to the program. We also ask for a selection of photos representative of their TCinGC experience.