Application Procedure

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The applications are now being accepted for Summer 2017.

Applications received by February 12 receive priority consideration.

Contact Joe Mertz with any general questions about the application process.

Application forms and all materials must be emailed to as a single .pdf or .zip file.

1. Download and review the TCinGC Application for Student Consultants form. The application form refers to a sample Memorandum of Understanding. Please review it before applying.

2. Write a Statement of Interest, describing in 1 to 3 paragraphs why you are interested in participating with this program and if you have any particular interest or expertise in a specific interest, country or project area.

3. Write a Statement of Availability, describing in 1 to 3 paragraphs how you will have the time during the Spring 2nd mini to meet the cultural and technical preparation requirements, confirming that you are available to go abroad from mid-May through mid-August, and explaining whether you have any competing offers for summer employment or internships, and when they would need to know if you choose to participate in this program instead. Please be candid as to whether such offers exist for you; although this information will not be considered in your selection, it is helpful for us to be aware of your other potential commitments and deadlines in order to keep you posted on your application and arrive at a final commitment deadline.

4. Submit your Resume, emphasizing any technical and cross-cultural skills.

5. Submit your Academic Transcripts, for all college-level institutions you have attended. Unofficial copies are acceptable.

6. Complete the Skills and Interests Self Assessment. No one is expected to have all the skills and interests listed, having experience in one area is enough. This allows us to begin to match applicants to the types of projects our development partners have. Having a strength in at least one area is desirable.

7. Indicate whether you are requesting Academic or Internship Credit.

8. Sign the form. You can do this by inserting a graphic image of your signature, or you can print the application, sign it, scan it, and email it.

9. Do not send partial applications. Wait until you have all information complete. Send a single .pdf or .zip file of all application materials to Please contact Joe Mertz if you have questions, but you must send your application to the special email address for it to be accepted.