Carnegie Mellon University

How To Get an Estimate and Fixed Price for a Project

For some projects, it may save costs to accept a fixed price for the work.  The fixed price will control costs by establishing a price for a specific scope of work. The scope of work is based on the evaluation and specifications of the desired work provided by the requestor.

If you would like an estimate for a project, ask for an estimate in your service request online.  A FMS supervisor will determine the lowest reasonable cost for time and materials to complete the work as described in the request.  That will be listed on the proposal as the "Estimate" amount.  The actual cost of the work may be higher than the estimated amount.

The supervisor will also list a "Fixed Price" for the scope of work.  The Fixed Price will include a contingency over the estimate that should cover the cost of the work if there are unforseen conditions within the scope of work.  There will not be additional charges for the described work even if .  There will be additional charges for changes to the scope of work.

Once the proposal is sent back, the requestor will have 60 days to accept or decline the proposal.  FMS will send a reminder after 30 days if there has been no response from the customer.  If the expiration date for the proposal passes, the proposal will be closed.  A new request with possible changes in price will have to be made if the work is to go forward.