Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Elevator Status

In an effort to keep the campus informed of operation problems with elevators on campus, FMS has developed the table below.  This table shows a selected list of on campus elevators along with a status for operation.  The green light and green text indicate normal operation.  The yellow light and yellow text indicate that a problem has been reported.  When a problem is reported, either a FMS staff person or an on-site elevator mechanic will go to the site of the reported outage.  This can take several minutes depending on where workers are.  The red light and red text indicates the elevator is confirmed down.  This can be the result of a report by one of the mechanics, or, it can be a planned shutdown for maintenance and repair. 

The elevator status is updated whenever the FMS Service Response Center is informed of a status change in any elevator operation.  Note: The "Time:" field indicates the last time there was an actual change in status.