Carnegie Mellon University

Ordering Materials from Stores

Both FMS employees and others at Carnegie Mellon can order materials from the FMS Storeroom.  A Maximo work order number from an approved work order must be provided to make the order.  To create a work order, use the links at the left.  Once you have an approved work order, you may use the link below to order materials.  Orders can be picked up at the Storeroom window, 2nd Floor, FMS Building.

How to Order Items from the Storeroom

1)    Open Stores Catalog Link
2)    Select Your Name
3)    Use the Item Description or the Category and Sub-Category to Select Item(s) and Quantity
4)    Enter Work Order Number(s) in Shopping Cart.  The quantity can be changed here.
5)    View/Print Order: On the preview page, make sure your email address and order are right.
6)    Submit Order: Clicking the Send Order button will submit the order to the Storeroom and email a copy to you.

Special Orders

1)      Open Special Orders Link
2)      Select Order Special Order Items
3)      Select Name
4)      Select Ship To Location
5)      Enter Item Description
6)      Enter Quantity
7)      Enter Work Order Number
8)      Select Add to Order
9)      Add more items by going back to 5
10)    View/Print Order
11)    Submit Order

 If you are not an FMS employee

1)     Open Stores Catalog Link
2)     Select Not Listed under Requested By, then type in your name.
3)     Follow instructions above.
4)     View/Print Order
5)     Fill in your email address
6)     Submit Order