Frequently Asked Questions-Financial Reporting and Incoming Funds - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

What are restricted funds?

What is the basis of the restriction?

How does the University differentiate between unrestricted and restricted contributions?

What are designated funds? Are they different from restricted funds?

What funds should be spent first - UNR or TR?

What kind of funds can be deposited to TR funding source?

What attributes are used to distinguish contributions from exchange transactions?

Who is responsible for the stewardship of TR funds?

When should I record an income transfer / funding entry?

When should I NOT record an income transfer / funding entry?

How do I clear a deficit in a temporarily restricted fund?

Can I donate some of my restricted funds to support a campus initiative?

If I have a deficit, can I pay it off with future contributions?

Why can’t we leave deficits in temporarily restricted funding sources? Why do we have to clear them to unrestricted when they’re easier to track in TR?

If a funding source is fully expended, should we close it out?