Carnegie Mellon University

2020 Conference postponed

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In light of public health concerns about the coronavirus, Carnegie Mellon and its partners are acting out of an abundance of caution and postponing the K&L Gates – Carnegie Mellon University Conference in Ethics and Computational Technologies. Our intention is to reschedule the conference for this fall.

As humans rely more on artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, we encounter both enormous opportunities and great risk. Public debate and discussion have spiked in response — arguing the effects on the workforce, social justice, fairness, privacy and many other sectors of society.

This two-day conference brings together thought leaders from academia, industry, government and the media to go beyond the slogans and soundbites. These interdisciplinary talks aim to engage all affected communities and identify ways in which new technologies support and advance humanity.

Paula Goldman, vice president, chief ethical and humane use officer at Salesforce. will deliver the conference keynote address. Conference session planning is currently underway and is expected to include panel discussions, fireside chats and breakout groups in the areas of:

• Data in the public sphere;
• Disinformation and democracy;
• Financial technologies; and
• Healthcare AI

Supported by the K&L Gates Endowment for Ethics and Computational Technologies