Carnegie Mellon University

The mission of the Cleantech Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (C2E2) is to provide a central repository of educational resources for organizations and individuals supporting cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs. This includes both existing materials and new guidance developed by C2E2. You can suggest or contribute your own educational materials via this form.

As part of its educational effort, C2E2 will:

Hold workshops and conduct studies to better understand if and how cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship differs from other technology sectors. And if so, what does this mean for how we educate the next generation of cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs?
Explore how policy and financial support for cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship differs at international, national and regional levels. For example, are incubators and accelerators operated similarly in Pittsburgh, Paris, and Phuket? Should they be?
Identify the key success factors in early-stage company development to pass those lessons onto the next generation.
Assess and evaluate the potential impact of cleantech/energy innovation on societal outcomes.

The results of all this work will become the basis for written primer(s) as well as videos and interactive educational activities.

This center is run by the CMU Wilton E.Scott Institute for Energy Innovation in partnership with Northwestern University Institute for Sustainability and Energy and is supported by The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2), which is supported by the Wells Fargo Foundation and co-administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.