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Help Us Learn about the Impact of the Coronavirus on Individuals, Couples, and Families

The coronavirus is currently impacting all areas of our lives – our social lives, our work lives, our family experiences, and our health.

We want to know more about your experience of this event, so we can learn more about how to help people cope and find better outcomes in situations like this that affect us all.

Please take a moment to complete our survey and contribute to our efforts. 

Your responses will be confidential and used only in the form of summaries that are combined across all who participate, so that we can identify important trends in the impact of covid-19.

This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete. 

This survey is compatible with computers, tablets, and smart phones. For the best survey experience, we recommend that you use a device with a large screen.

At the end, you can choose to participate in additional follow-up parts of this research, which will be sent to you later.

This study was approved by the Internal Review Board at Carnegie Mellon University.

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