Carnegie Mellon University

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If you want to get in touch with us the best method is email:

(412) 268-4680


We have two locations where participants engage in our studies: The CMU Children's School and The Mellon Institute (where the MRI is located). We will provide you directions about which location you should visit.

Our MRI studies are currently being held in Wean Hall 3604 on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Someone will be waiting for you at the parking space below or in front of the 5th floor entrance to Wean Hall to guide you to our lab space.

Parking: Two parking spots at the 1st floor entrance to Wean Hall will be available to an investigator’s team and to their participant for the duration of their scanning slot. The parking spots can be accessed from Fifth Avenue and South Neville (Frew St. access currently blocked by construction), without the need for a CMU parking permit. The temporary parking chit will specify the date and time of the scanning slot (like temporary chits purchased at city parking lots) and will have to be fetched from the SIBR control room and placed on the car dashboards.

Bicycle parking is available at the bike rack near the 5th-floor entrance to Wean Hall, where bikes should always be locked.

Our Behavioral Studies are held in the lower level of Margarat Morrison Hall on the Carnegie Mellon University campus near the Children's School. Someone will be waiting for you outside of Margaret Morrison Hall facing Frew Street to guide you to our lab space.