Jessica Cantlon, PhD (PI)


I am interested in the origins of human concepts, both in terms of how concepts have evolved over millions of years and in terms of how human concepts develop over an individual lifespan. My research domains include numerical cognition, magnitude estimation, the alphabet, and everyday concepts such as 'face' and 'shoe'. I use fMRI and behavioral measures to study the cognitive and brain mechanisms involved in conceptual processing in pre-school children, non-human primates, and human adults. Using this comparative approach, we can identify both the shared and unique brain functions underlying conceptual knowledge across species and stages of development—with the goal of understanding the structure of the human mind.

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Brad Mahon, PhD (PI)

I study the cognitive and neural processes that make possible very simple things that we do on a daily basis. Imagine there is a glass of water on the table. One may look at the glass and name it as 'a glass of water'; or, one may simply pick up the glass and take a drink. My research addresses the processes involved in categorization and recognition of the visual input, the engagement of motor knowledge necessary to manipulate objects, and the dynamics of information retrieval within the speech production system. The goal of this research program is to merge insights from studies of neuropsychological patients with functional imaging studies of the healthy brain in order to articulate a model of object use and object naming.

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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Shipra Kanjlia, PhD[CV]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Margaret Bryer, PhD[CV]

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Leyla Caglar, PhD[CV]

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Undergraduate Researchers

Natalia Santiago[CV]

Psychology, SURF Awardee

Erik Dehkes[CV]

Biological Sciences, SURF Awardee

Eric Ricci[CV]


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Rachana Murali Narayanan[CV]

Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Brain & Cognitive Sciences; University of Rochester

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RA, Mahon and Nozari Labs

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Brain Mapping Lab Manager

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Neurosurgery Resident

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Medical Student

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Bobby Emerson, Graduate Student

Kelly Hughes, Postdoctoral Fellow

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Santiago Alonso-Díaz, Graduate Student

Emily Prentiss [CV]
Neuropsychology Lab

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Kid NeuroLab and Neuropsychology Lab

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Cognitive Evolution Lab


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