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Dr. Marlene Behrmann

Dr. Marlene Behrmann is a Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, who's research specializes in the cognitive basis of visual perception, with a specific focus on object recognition. Dr. Behrmann received her B.A. in speech and hearing therapy in 1981, followed by her M.A. in speech pathology in 1984, both from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. She then received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 1991. Dr Behrmann was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences in 2015 and into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2019.

Dr. Behrmann is widely considered to be a trailblazer and a worldwide leader in the field of visual cognition. Below is an example of recently published work from the lab:

Haigh, S. M., Chamanzar, A., Grover, P. and Behrmann, M. (2019). Cortical hyper-excitability in migraine in response to chromatic patterns, Headache, in press, doi: 10.1111/head.13620.


Chromaticities for each color pair used in the grating patterns. Examples of large, mid-large, and small chromaticity separation grating stimuli shown. Co-ordinates adjusted slightly for illustration.


Waveforms for the small, mid-small, mid-large, and large chromaticity separations for individuals with migraine and headache-free controls for each cluster (averaged across all electrodes in each cluster).