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October 24, 2020

Important Notice – COVID-19

Dear Members of the Carnegie Mellon Community,

We were made aware yesterday that a CFA instructor, who was teaching in person, tested positive for COVID-19. This instructor’s in-person teaching was limited to three students during the two weeks prior to receiving the positive test.

Pursuant to the university’s standard contact tracing process, those who were determined to be close contacts for the instructor, including university students, have been identified and notified. We have initiated care and support for them which includes monitoring and testing through University Health Services, continued outreach from College Liaisons, on-campus isolation housing, and flexibility with coursework deadlines and responsibilities from academic departments.

We have learned the instructor did not comply with one or more CMU COVID-19 safety protocols prior to testing positive. As a result, campus privileges for the faculty member, including in-person instruction, have been revoked for the remainder of the academic year. The university is investigating whether further action is warranted.

It is imperative that we all stay the course and continue our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please don’t let your guard down. Remain vigilant, follow our travel and visitor protocols, complete your daily self-assessment, maintain physical distancing, wear a facial covering and frequently wash your hands even in small, familiar gatherings.

All of us have a responsibility to protect one another and our community members. Let’s sustain our progress and continue to enjoy the benefits of our CMU campus.


Jim Garrett, Provost
Daryl Weinert, COVID-19 Coordinator, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives