Step 1: Request a Collection-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Step 1: Request a Collection

You may request an AWPS collection using the AWPS Collection Request Form.

Please allow up to 8 business days for processing. When your collection is available you will receive an email listing its name, owner, URL, and a pointer to this documentation

Note: If you decide to move your web pages to another server, you can forward users to the new server location. You do not have to remove your pages from your collection directory to use the forwarding option.

To forward users to another location send mail to with your request. Be sure to include your collection name and current URL and the URL of the new location.

Collection Types

  • Standard
    A standard collection is ideal for an individual website that was custom-built (i.e. a website that contains HTML files that were developed using a web-editing software such as Dreamweaver).
  • Library
    A library collection should only be used for images, Javascript and CSS files. Library collections reside at the same directory path on both the staging server and in production. For example, you might create a library collection named c-images to store all of your images to be used online. Then, you can reference the images on any HTML page using absolute/full URLs to the images in the library collection (e.g. The images will display when your HTML page is viewed on the staging server and when published to the production server.
  • Meta
    Meta collections can be used when you have more than one collection in the same web site (e.g., /clusters and /clusters/projects). A meta collection is a parent collection that contains other collections within the same directory tree.

    For example, the URLs for three separate Standard collections might be:

    Production Server URL

    Staging Server URL

    Links between these collections would work only on the staging server and NOT in production or vice versa.

    By creating a Meta collection, you can ensure that the directory structure on the staging server will be the same as that on the production server. For example, we could create a Meta collection named clustersmeta that contains clusters, clustersprojects, and clustersstaff. Then the staging server and production server urls would use the same directory structure as outlined below.

    Production Server URL

    Staging Server URL

Important: Each of the standard collections within a meta collection must be published individually, you will never publish the entire meta collection. When requesting a meta collection, the collections within it should be created concurrently. If they are not, please submit a separate request form for each standard collection.