Carnegie Mellon University

Virtual Andrew FAQ

What operating systems are supported by the Virtual Andrew desktop client?

The Virtual Andrew Desktop Client is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Linux operating systems should log in via the web client.

Can I install software on Virtual Andrew?

You can not install software on Virtual Andrew or lab computers. Request the installation of specific software by submitting a request to the Computing Services Help Center. Please include justification for the installation as well as licensing information.

Some applications are not available from the Start Menu after log in.

It may take 3-4 minutes for Virtual Andrew to completely load.

Is there a session limit?

Virtual Andrew has a 3-day session limit. If you are logged on any Virtual Andrew client for 72 hours, you will be disconnected. The desktop will be terminated if not reconnected within 20 minutes.

I lost my network connection, now what?

If you lose your network connection while working on your Virtual Andrew desktop, you must reconnect within 20 minutes or you will lose your desktop.

Can I print to my local printer from Virtual Andrew?

Copy and paste your work from Virtual Andrew to your local desktop. Then, you will be able to print to your local printer.

Can I print to a Public printer from Virtual Andrew?

Yes. Since you are remotely accessing a lab computer, you can print directly to the public printers.

Will my Roaming Profile work with Virtual Andrew?

Yes, since you will be connecting to a virtual computer, your Roaming Profile will follow you.

How do I transfer files from my computer to Virtual Andrew?

You can use your Box account, AFS space, or your email to transfer files.