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Support Statement & Preferred Clients

Email Clients

The following sections outline the details of Computing Services support for email clients. This table lists email clients and indicates whether they are supported on the Cyrus, Exchange or G Suite @ CMU email service. 

Email Client
G Suite @ CMU
Apple Mail /iCal   X X
Outlook 2016 X X - Preferred * X
Outlook 2013  X X - Preferred * X
Outlook 2011  X X  X
Web Client at X X  - Preferred * X - Preferred *
Mobile Devices  X X X
Pine X  

* Exchange: Preferred Email Clients

Not all email clients work well with Exchange, especially with regard to the Exchange calendar.  If you are having issues with calendaring, consider switching to one of the PREFERRED clients. 

The most significant gaps in features and reliability are Mac Mail/iCal and Mobile Devices. Mac Mail/iCal should only be used by those who infrequently modify their calendar or have simple meetings.

Also, ensure that you are using the most recent Service Pack or Update for your client. Contact your DSP Consultant or Departmental IT Staff to obtain the latest versions.

* Google: Preferred Email Clients

Your Google calendar and contacts cannot be accessed from desktop email clients; this option is only available through the web client or mobile device.

Non-browser access using a mobile device or email client requires a separate G Suite @ CMU password.

Services Supported

Configuration and basic troubleshooting for connecting to the appropriate campus email server and sending/receiving email.

Services Not Supported

The following services are not supported:

  •  vCard – electronic business card
  • Email client features other than plain text email and Exchange calendar
  • G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (calendar synchronization).

Message Size

The maximum message size sent or received through the CMU email servers is 25 MB. The message size includes both the message body and the attachment. 

Forwarding to Third Party Email Services

We are unable to improve email delivery performance when forwarding to a third-party provider. Delivery times can be improved by using a CMU supported email service.

Last Updated: 08/31/16