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Manage Email: Your Cyrus Email Tool

The following tools are available from and include:
  • Quota
    10 GB of storage is provided. Use this tool to view your usage.
  • Spam Settings
    Set your spam filter options.
  • Email Addresses/Forwarding
    Email forwarding allows you to forward messages sent to your Carnegie Mellon email address to another email account (e.g., personal Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Use the forwarding tool to change this setting. Also, use this tool to to create an "" email address (i.e., a CMUName).
  • Away Message
    Set a vacation mail or "away" message.
  • Mail Filtering
    Implement a sieve script for mail filtering; see also Using Sieve Scripts.
  • Edit Directory
    Set the email address and name you would like displayed on outgoing email messages and in the Carnegie Mellon directory.

Last Updated: 12/17/13

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