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Email Service Comparison

IMPORTANT: Please check with your departmental IT support staff before selecting an email service. Some departments determine your email service, while others offer faculty, staff and graduate students a choice.


Cyrus Exchange Google Apps @ CMU
Data stored at CMU
X - 2
Calendar - X 1 X
CMU directory
Contacts and calendar synchronized with desktop email client
- X - 3-4
IMAP client support X - X
Mobile device support X X X
Shared accounts
(department or team use)
X X -
Quota 10GB+ 5
  1. Exchange is the official calendar of record for Carnegie Mellon.
  2. Please be aware of Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statements.
  3. Contacts you create in your email client are stored locally. These are not available through the web or mobile device.
  4. Google provides an add-on for Microsoft Outlook to synchronize your Google calendar with Outlook (Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook). This add-on, however, is not recommended or supported by Computing Services because of synchronization issues.
  5. Quota should not be a deciding factor for your email service. Each service offers at least 30 GB, with potentially more in Cyrus and Exchange. 

Service Usage by Affiliate

Cyrus Exchange Google Apps @ CMU
Faculty X X X*
Staff (Administrative)
- X -
Staff (Academic Dept)
X X X*
Graduate students X X X*
Undergraduate students  -  - X
Qatar  - X  -

*A small number of staff, faculty and graduate students use this service.

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