Step 1: Understand Your Responsibilities-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Step 1: Understand Your Responsibilities as Account Administrator

As the administrator of a Network Guest Account, you are responsible for the secure distribution of the account userID and password. As the point of contact for our network guests, it is critical that you promote secure and responsible computing. Adhere to the following recommendations:

  • DON'T Send userID and/or password information via email.
  • DON'T Leave password reports or individual confirmations containing userID and password information in a non-secure location.
  • DO Use the comments field to note the associated event or conference. By coding this field, you can search for all accounts created for a particular purpose.
  • DO Print the password report and individual confirmation pages at the end of the account creation process.
  • DO Keep the password report and individual confirmation pages in a secure place.
  • DO Urge guests to keep their userID and password information in a secure place and to comply with all university policies and guidelines as indicated on their confirmation page.
  • DO Distribute a printed copy of the Connecting to the Wireless Network steps. Guests should be instructed to register their computer under the department supplying their network guest account.
  • DO Delete network guest accounts that are not being used.


Last Updated: 12/15/14