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Updates made to a site within the CMS must be manually "pushed" out to the website; this process is called publishing. The CMS' publishing tool is shared by everyone who uses the CMS, and it can process two publishing jobs concurrently. The time it takes to complete a single publishing job will vary depending on various factors including how many other jobs are in the queue and how large the publishing jobs are.

Once a job has completed publishing, the updates should be reflected almost immediately on the website. If you submit a publishing job and don't see the updates on your site right away, check the publish queue instead of re-submitting your job. Redundant publishing jobs back up the queue.

Large Publishing Jobs Should Be Completed Outside of Regular Business Hours

To prevent the publishing queue from backing up during business hours, large publishing jobs (e.g., site-wide publishes, publishing of large or numerous files) should be completed before 9am or after 5pm on business days or anytime on weekends.

In rare circumstances we reserve the right to cancel a publishing job if it has the potential to impact the stability of the entire system or compromise another's ability to publish.  We will make every effort to contact users in advance if their publishing jobs will be canceled.

Publishing Destinations

There are two publishing destinations to publish your website: staging server and the live server. The staging and live servers function independantly of each other, and you may choose to publish to either one or to both. See how to publish.

The Staging Server

The staging server is a test area where you can publish your site. The staging server allows a site (part of it) to be reviewed prior to publishing it to the live server, and you may share your site on the staging server with anyone else for review.

To view your site on the staging server, enter the following URL into your browser and modify it to reflect your site's main folder name:

The Live Server

Live sites have the ability to publish to the live server. Note: If your site has not been launched and is ready to "go live," follow the steps for Launching your Site).

Publishing Tips

  • When publishing a newly-created page for the first time and it is to be included in the site's navigation, you must publish the parent folder of that page to update the navigation throughout the site
  • When publishing a folder, all pages and files within that folder will also be published
  • If you would like to rename, delete or a move an item, be sure to unpublish it
  • Try to publish as small of a job as possible (i.e., don't publish your whole site if only one page was updated). You may want to disable publishing for certain items if publishing is not necessary.
  • If you publish an individual page and want to view it on either the staging or live server, be sure to add .html after the page's system name in the URL.

    Example: Path of page in the CMS: /your-website/new-page
    URL on staging server:
    URL on live server:

Further Instructions