Unpublish-Templates and CMS - Carnegie Mellon University


Unpublishing an item removes it from the servers so that it is no longer accessible on the website. You will be given the opportunity to unpublish an item when you delete, move, or change its system name. You may also manually unpublish an item. 

  1. Select the item in the folder structure.
  2. Click Publish.
  3. Select the publishing destination(s) to remove the item from.
  4. Select the Un-publish radio button.
  5. Click Submit.


    After the un-publish job completes the publish queue, the item will no longer be accessible on the server(s) you unpublished it from.

Note: If you want to keep the item in the CMS but want to prevent future publishing of it, disable publishing. If the item you unpublished was formerly part of the website's navigation (and you do not wish for it to be a navigation item any longer), disable indexing for the item and republish the item's parent folder.