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New to the CMS?

If you're new to the CMS and need help getting started, use the guide below to familiarize yourself with the basics.

1. Design and Layout

Start by understanding the visual design of your website and the layout of your pages.

2. Logging Into the CMS

Log in and learn about the CMS interface.

3. Creating a New Folder and Page

Navigation is based on the folders and pages of your site. Learn how to create a new folder and basic page.

4. Reorder the Left Navigation

Navigation is automatically generated as you build your folders and pages. Learn how to change the default order of items.

5. Publishing

All updates made to a site within the CMS must be manually "pushed" out to the website through a process is called publishing. Learn how to publish.

6. Getting Help

If you're not able to find the help you need on the CMS site, you may submit a help ticket to

CMS Playground

If you would like to sharpen your CMS skills, please don't practice on your live site! You may request access to the CMS Playground where you may perform all of the tasks needed to maintain your actual site. Please submit a request to

Note: You must be an authorized CMS user to access the CMS Playground.