Tables-Templates and CMS - Carnegie Mellon University


Tables can be added to the content of a page to display tabular data.  As seen in the following examples, you may insert text or images into a table.

Example 1 - Text

University Center


Monday - Thursday



City Grill 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm

Downtown Deli

11am - 8pm 11am - 4pm
Entropy 10am - 2am 7:30am - 2am 7:30am - 12am 10am - 12am
Evgefstos 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm
Kosher Korner 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm
Pasta Villaggio 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm
Quik Piks 11am - 4pm 11am - 4pm

Example 2 - Images

Asiana Carnegie Mellon Cafe City Grill Downtown Deli
Entropy eVgefstos The Exchange Gingers Express
Heinz Cafe Kosher Korner La Prima Espresso Maggie Murph

Example 3 - Alternating Rows (Shown with Optional Header Row)

You may style a table to display alternating rows in a different background color. A table with alternating rows makes data easier to organize visually, especially when you are displaying a large amount of it.

Department Contact Phone email office
Art Nancy 555-555-5555 Webster 102
English Sarah 555-555-5555 Smith 307
History Alex 555-555-5555 Wilson 219
Math Paul 555-555-5555 Brown 311
Science Robert 555-555-5555 Herman 504

Creating Tables

Please see the instructions on how to create a table.