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Pages and sites explaining course offerings can be created through coupling Course Index and Course pages. Course Index pages are used to search through courses offered by a department or school, acting as a directory for the individual Course pages which each contain more detailed information about a course.

Course Index pages can have an optional filter to enter search queries by course title, as well as optional dropdowns to add search constraints for types of courses (e.g. Spring/Fall, Elective/Required, etc.). User-defined categories can also be used for the dropdowns. 

Additionally, there are two layout options. Courses can be stacked, as on this page, or put into a grid. For a more robust example of a Course Index page, visit the Tepper School Course List


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01-100 Intro Course 1

This is the description that appears on the course index page for this course.

01-102 Intro Course 2

Course summary

01-488 Mini Elective

Course summary

01-499 Advanced Elective

Course summary

01-500 Advanced Elective 2

Take advanced-elective-2 to develop your skills.