Carnegie Mellon News Online Edition: June 27, 2001
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H'Olympics Held Here

Former Provost Paul Christiano Dies

University Gets Another $20 Million from Paul Mellon's Estate

New England Conservatory Provost Named Music Head

Virtual Space Scientists

MCS Staff Awards

Alberto Guzman Retires from CMRI

Engineering Class Builds Pavilion for Doherty

Changing of the Guard at the Heinz School

Stephanie Byram

Heinz School Races for the Cure

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Space Students Virtual Space Scientists

Students at St. James School in Wilkinsburg use EventScope (, an interactive computer interface, to compare Earth and Mars. EventScope was created by a team of experts from Carnegie Mellon's STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, the Robotics Institute and the Center for Innovation in Learning, and from the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Geology and Planetary Science. By using Eventscope students in many Pittsburgh regional schools are able to navigate models of NASA sites on Mars and acess data from NASA and Carnegie Mellon robotics expeditions.


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