Carnegie Mellon University


“…As a freshman, I found C@CM a valuable course that prepared me well for student life at Carnegie Mellon. Resources introduced in the course —such as VMware and access to research tools —are essential to my current classes and work as a research assistant.”

- Janie


“Computing at Carnegie Mellon was an important factor in my transition to college life. As an incoming freshman, I didn't know what to expect in a college education or how to use the school resources. Receiving prior knowledge through the Computing at Carnegie Mellon online summer course introduced me to the first hint of life at CMU. During the first weeks of my first semester, I already knew how to use Virtual Andrew and where to print color or B&W documents."

- Chris

Ah Jin

“In a university that has a strong emphasis on research, C@CM is a course that is necessary in allowing students to effectively and safely utilize online resources. Regardless of what majors students come from, this course is fundamental to success at Carnegie Mellon...As a result the course has allowed me to smoothly transition into life at Carnegie Mellon and has given me the skill sets to make the most effective research decisions.”

- Ah Jin


“…I learned that students should not only know the content of the course, but also the importance of why they are taking the course and why the rules are made the way they are. When taught the importance of a course, students are able to drop their pride and demonstrate a desire to learn, making the course not a matter of passing or failing, but instead a matter of gaining as much as possible from the course and the teaching assistant. Understanding concepts such as what is allowed on the school's network system, as well as explanations of why are constrained by a data cap are what allowed me to smoothly transition into college life and is something I do not take for granted.”

- Jonathan