Carnegie Mellon University


Computing@Carnegie Mellon (C@CM) teaches foundational skills in information literacy and in safe, responsible and effective computing, focusing on the tools and technologies that are specific to Carnegie Mellon.

You'll apply the knowledge you gain in C@CM to your other academic courses.

Course Versions

Did you know there are two versions of the C@CM course? One version is for undergraduate, degree-seeking students. The other is for graduate students, faculty, staff, or anyone else around the globe who would like to expand their skills in information literacy and in safe, responsible, and effective computing.

Further descriptions of the course versions are available on our homepage.

Advisory Committee

The curriculum is determined by an advisory committee comprised of deans, department heads, and faculty from every academic department.

The concepts taught in C@CM represent the requisite skills you must learn in order to be successful in your academic career at CMU, regardless of major.

Prior Knowledge

While you may have been exposed to some of the C@CM topics in the past, the curriculum is specific to the CMU environment making it highly unlikely that you have sufficient prior knowledge of the concepts covered throughout the course, particularly to the depth and complexity that is required for collegiate-level coursework.