MDCK cell in 3D culture

Biological & Biophysical Basis of Membrane Dynamics and Organization


November 5 & 6, 2010    Mellon Institute of Science

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The membrane workshop has been a lively event and a great success in every respect. The large number of participants from the Pittsburgh area underline how strongly represented the field of biomembrane research is. The wide scope of talks and poster contributions demonstrated a large number of exciting research projects and unveiled many possibilities for fruitful collaborations.

Below please find a number of images taken during the workshop. They capture the atmosphere and excitement better than words can do. We hope they remind you of exciting two days and let you hope for similar events in the future!

To download a full-size image (a few MBs each!), click on the image.

All pictures are courtesy of Mingyang Hu.




Participants having lunch on Friday


napkin science

Yes! Science still begins on napkins.



A post-lunch science discussion is a good digestive!


Rick McCullough

Vice President of Research Rick McCullough greets the participants and opens the poster fair


poster fair 1

Tim Jarvela explains his poster on irradiation-induced protein inactivation


baumgart and nagle

Tobias Baumgart and John Nagle discuss tie-lines in phase diagrams of ternary lipid mixtures


cem yolcu

Cem Yolcu explains how effective field theory can be used in biological physics


broccio and bereau

Matteo Broccio and Tristan Bereau discuss biomembranes over coffee cake



Adam Linstedt, Meir Aridor and Bruno Antonny



Steve Garoff, Dick Elder, and Mathias Lösche talk science over omeletttes


breakfast discussion

Many people showed up for a delicious breakfast on an early Saturday morning!



Fred Lanni, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, and Markus Deserno discuss the ESCRT complex


baumgart and antonny

Tobias Baumgart and Bruno Antonny think about curvature creating proteins on membanes



Tobias Baumgart takes questions after his talk on membrane curvature driven protein sorting



Manoj Puthenveedu illustrates receptor sorting in endosomes


loesche and traub

Mathias Lösche introduces Linton Traub



Kris Dahl answers questions after her talk on a connection between aging and protein membrane interactions



Tina Lee explains the intricacies of topology changes in the endoplasmic reticulum



Markus Deserno advocates coarse-grained simulations of membranes



Bruno Antonny explains the amazing properties of the ALPS motif in membrane proteins






Mathias Lösche
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Adam Linstedt
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Markus Deserno
Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University
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Pay-for parking is available in the South Dithridge St. garage across from the Mellon Institute.


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