Teach a Class at SUMMIT!

Who teaches?

In the past, SUMMIT classes have been led by students, housefellows, CMU staff, student organizations, and Pittsburgh community members


Do you have a particular hobby, interest, or talent? Have you ever wanted to share this super cool knowledge with others? Teach a SUMMIT class!


Does your organization do super cool things that you want to show other students? Does your organization want to build its presence on campus or increase its interest in the community? Teach a SUMMIT class!

Who will I teach?

Over 100 students participate in SUMMIT each year

Teaching a SUMMIT class is a great way to share any skills or interests you have with interested students!

I want to teach!

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More Questions?

Email us at carnegiemellonsummit@gmail.com

We would love to work with you to develop a great class for SUMMIT 2016!