What is Summit?

Bhangra? Glass Blowing? Balloon Animal Making? Archery?

SUMMIT is a three day program at the end of winter break. It’s a chance for students to share and explore new skills and hobbies around Carnegie Mellon University and the Greater Pittsburgh Area. You may not have the time to explore during the school year so this is your chance! Check out courses and photos from past years to get a better idea about what you'll experience!

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Food + Housing + Costs

housing meals skills for $55 housing meals skills for $55 housing meals skills for $55

Note: Your student account will be charged when you register!

Most of the cost goes towards food expenses! Everything else is provided by SUMMIT!

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Important Dates


When should I book a flight back to CMU?

We can guarantee access into campus housing starting Jan 6th 2016

When is Summit?

This year's SUMMIT is on Jan 7th, 8th, and 9th. This is the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before spring semester. Check-in begins Jan 6th.

How many courses can I take?

Most students take 5 - 10 courses, depending on the length of each course

Can I get back into my room if I come back early for Summit?

Yep! If you are a part of CMU student housing, you will be given a special temporary keycard to access your dorm room Jan 6th

What do I do after registering?

That's it! You will be able to select classes Jan 3rd (we will send you another email)

When/How do i sign up for classes?

After registering, you will recieve an email with instructions Jan 3rd

What if I registered but can't come anymore?

Contact us ASAP. The deadline to cancel your reservation for a refund is Dec 7th, 2015

More questions?

Please email carnegiemellonsummit@gmail.com