Welcome To Summit!

What is Summit?

SUMMIT is a three day program right before the spring semester that includes courses, seminars, and workships on various topics that students have the desire - but perhaps not the opportunity - to explore during the regular academic year. We've had courses such as baking, balloon animal making, bhangra, glass blowing, ice skating, photography, pizza tossing class, sign language, fire arm safety, archery, pottery, and much more! For the full list of courses available this year please check out our Course Descriptions page!

Cool! So when is it?
This year's SUMMIT is on Janurary 8th, 9th, and 10th This is the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Spring Semester.
How many courses can I take?
Most students take 5 - 10 courses, depending on the length of each course
What do I do about food? And where would I live?
Actually, when you register, we provide you with both housing (if you live in campus housing) and food!
This sounds too good to be true... courses, housing, and food? Is there a catch?
Well, there is a $55 dollar charge, but this is primariy for the food.
Note: We will automatically charge your student account when you register, so you don't need to worry about fumbling with money!
More questions?
Check out our full FAQ here or contact us!