FAQ-StuCo - Carnegie Mellon University


If you have a question that is not answered here, please email cmustuco@gmail.com with your question.

What kind of classes are offered by StuCo?

Does StuCo grant CMU credit?

What type of credit does StuCo grant?

Why does StuCo grant credit?

How are StuCo courses graded?

Who can take StuCo courses?

Who can teach StuCo courses?

What schedule does StuCo follow?

What series of course numbers are StuCo courses?

I want to take a StuCo, but I'm on the waitlist. What should I do?

If I'm taking a StuCo course, or am teaching a StuCo course, and a serious problem arises, what should I do?

Are StuCo teachers or Committee members paid?

Can a StuCo course have a course fee?

How many students can teach a single StuCo course?

If I would like to teach a course with a friend, how many applications should we submit?

If I would like to teach a course with a friend, do we both need to interview with the StuCo Committee?

Can I re-teach a course I previously taught?

Can I teach a course that someone else previously taught?

How are StuCo teachers evaluated?

How are StuCo students evaluated?

Can a StuCo teacher advertise his own course?

What other policies does StuCo adhere to?