Executive Committee-StuCo - Carnegie Mellon University

The StuCo Executive Committee

The StuCo Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers and Members At Large. StuCo is governed by this committee along with faculty advisors.


  • Kristin Lavery, Course Administrator
  • Mark Stehlik, Faculty Advisor (Of StuCo Qatar)

Current StuCo Committee Members

  • Alex Franchuk, President and Website Administrator
  • Justin Chen, Treasurer (away for Spring 2015)
  • Elizabeth Zeng, Secretary
  • Jason Chen, Historian
  • Ming Wu, Administrative Chair
  • William Kurniawan, Administrative Chair
  • Yiru Yao, Events Chair

Past StuCO Committee Members

  • Sean He, Administrative Chair
  • Sankalp Bhatnagar, Vice President/President and Design Chair
  • Mark Erazo, President
  • Neha Chaurasia, President
  • Will Frankenstein, Administrative Chair
  • Ian Nieves, Founding President (Computer Science)
  • Sandeep Movva, President (Information Systems)
  • Ellen Graham, Public Relations (Music)
  • Mark Egerman, Public Relations (Computer Science)
  • Alex McAuley, Course Management (Modern Languages)
  • Stephanie Wallach, Ex-Officio Advisor (Director of Undergraduate Research)
  • Janet Stocks, Ex-Officio Advisor (Director of Undergraduate Research)
  • Rion McKeithon, Marketing Manager (Mathematics)
  • Menna Mulugetta, Treasurer & President (Business Administration)
  • Neil Sanyal, President & Course Manager (Business Administration)
  • Shawn Alwani, President (Business Administration)
  • Sunny Shah, Vice President
  • Vrushali Paunikar, Marketing
  • Jyoti Joshi, Secretary
  • Simran Grover, Teacher Liaison
  • Rohan Kilachand, Treasurer
  • Raunaq Palejwala, Marketing
  • Daniel Pehush, Co-President
  • Silvia Brown, Marketing
  • (Kenny) Kaichong Huang, Web Administrator
  • Alexandra Grande, President (Chemical Engineering)