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Graduate Engineering Programs in Silicon Valley

Carnegie Mellon University has been making history for more than 100 years. The university has grown over the years from a small, local trade school known as Carnegie Tech into the world-class research institution we know today. Consistently ranked among the top universities in the nation, Carnegie Mellon is home to the first university computer network, the first 'thinking machine,' and subsequently, the first computer programming course for freshmen in the nation. Now, the university brings this depth of history to the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of technological innovation. 

Academics, Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In 2002, the University established a branch campus in Mountain View, Calif., to connect Carnegie Mellon’s many distinctive technology education programs to the innovative business community located in Silicon Valley and Northern California. Part of the renowned College of Engineering, CMU's Silicon Valley campus offers a variety of graduate degree programs to prepare future innovators and global technology leaders. Each program provides the appropriate mix of technical, business, and organizational skills critical to successful career advancement. Faculty and students collaborate with industry partners and organizations as well as with teams in Pittsburgh and around the world to shape the technology of today and tomorrow. Together, the academic program and related research centers at Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus reflect a distinctive mix of education characterized by the University’s ongoing focus on creating and implementing solutions for real problems.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Integrated Innovation Institute

Information Networking Institute