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About Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley

Since first opening its doors in Pittsburgh in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University has been educating elite engineers and scientists to meet the ever-changing and complex technological challenges of society. With the advent of the computer age in the mid-20th century, Carnegie Mellon reaffirmed its commitment to finding solutions to real-world technological problems by launching what would eventually become the School of Computer Science. The groundbreaking work of countless Carnegie Mellon computer scientists and engineers since then has solidifed the school's reputation as the world's leading computer science education and research institution. In 2002, the University established a branch campus in Silicon Valley to connect its many distinctive technology education programs to the innovative business community at the epicenter of the 21st century technology revolution.

The Silicon Valley Campus offers master’s programs in Software Engineering, Software Management, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Information Technology, as well as a bicoastal Ph.D. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in Mobility, offered in conjunction with the CyLab Mobility Research Center. Several other research centers complement the school’s unique learn-by-doing teaching environment, affording students ample opportunities to explore research areas of interest with experienced faculty. Together, these outstanding programs and research centers reflect a distinctive mix of education characterized by the University’s ongoing focus on creating and implementing solutions for real problems.

Carnegie Mellon University now has over 8,000 alumni working in the Bay Area. Virtually every local company has a cadre of Carnegie Mellon alumni in leadership positions, and many companies have been founded by this network of alumni. More than 700 of these alumni are graduates of our local programs, and 92% of them report greater career acceleration than their counterparts due to the educational and professional preparation they received at Carnegie Mellon University.

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